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Republic to Help Northern Irish Women Where UK has Failed

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

While the Republic of Ireland's May 2018 abortion referendum result didn't apply in the North per se, the Irish government announced this week that people in Northern Ireland will be able to access abortion services south of the border when the legislation is introduced.

This is is all well and good, but as Alliance for Choice points out, it's not a meaningful solution for those in Northern Ireland, who should be able to access this care at home without the practical and financial barriers presented by traveling for a medical procedure.

For far too long, our politicians have been happy to sit idly by while pregnant people seek basic reproductive health care elsewhere, lacking the courage to stand up for the thousands who've taken this journey alone. Enough is enough. Here is a great resource from the London Irish Abortion Rights Campaign about how you can speak up.

In the meantime, wherever people have to go to access what should be a basic right, we'll keep slinging sweatshirts to help get them there.

Image: Campaigners and MLAs at Stormont in 2016/Alliance for Choice

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